3 Secrets to Achieving an Amazing Body over 40 this Summer

3 Secrets to Achieving Amazing Body, Life and Health over 40

If you don’t feel live you’ve gotten the results you want and you’re looking to get in shape this summer then keep reading. As a local Transformation Expert for women over 40 I’m revealing my top 3 secret tips to achieving the dream body this summer.

Secret Tip #1:

Yes, they matter… It does not matter what the Facebook Feed, Blog Posts, Your Friends, the “Experts” say

Calories do matter. If you eat more than you burn in a day you’re going to gain weight. If you eat less than you burn in a day you’ll lose weight. This is thermodynamics, it’s just how our bodies work.

So, you don’t want to have to much BUT you also don’t want to have to little.

Especially if you’re Over 40, if you have too little calories then you’ll enter metabolic suppression which will make it tougher to reach your goals.

So you need to make sure you’re eating as much food as you can, while still losing 1-3lbs per week of weight, the healthy way.

Secret Tip 1: Calories Do Matter

Secret Tip #2:

As you get past 40 years old, you’ll notice and your doctor might tell you – your hormones change, metabolism changes, muscle tone decreases, body fat increases, bone density lowers.

Resistance Training is by far THE MOST EFFECTIVE thing you can do.

Do it with intensity and powerfully within a 30 minute time frame 3-4 times per week.

This is ALL you need to do for exercise.

Secret Tip 2: Resistance Training

Secret Tip #3:

You’re the average of the closes 5 people you spend time with… Think about those people.

Are they focused and making an effort to improve their health and body shape while feeling and looking good?

If not, you need to find a few of these people to spend time around ASAP. People who want to get in shape like you and hold each other accountable on this journey.

Secret Tip 3: Surround Yourself with the Right People


There is no reason you can’t get into shape immediately.

If you need help then get a Free Transformation Session for our Summer Slim Down program that’s open now.

I’ve helped 100’s of local Beaches women over 40 achieve amazing results fast with my programs.

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